Lots and lots of Faded Glory bike shorts

As this is my first post, I’d like to welcome you to my site. I hope you can find some entertaining stories here as I discuss the roller coaster ride that comes with being a Walmart employee!

I don’t think I need any further explanation, so let’s jump right in!

Today… was a sluggish day. I think it started because I woke up thinking I got off work an hour earlier than I thought. So it was a bit of a damper. Honestly though, the one factor in working in apparel that drives me absolutely insane is how messy my departments (girls and infants) are when I come in at 8 am. We have associates that, from 5 pm to 11 pm, organize the merchandise as their main duty. Obviously, they haven’t done the best job in recent weeks. The swimsuits are mixed, tshirts are hanging off the shelves, and some clothes litter the floor. I can’t complain though, we just had one lady transfer to a neighboring store, and another was diagnosed with cancer. We’re short-handed and it shows.

Anyway, I spent the day working on hangware, driving them around on a rolling rack (we call them rollbars, and I will refer to them as such from now on), and putting them where the corresponding garments are, or moving things around to make room for new clothing.

Rude customer of the day: He just wanted to take his kids swimming.

A man approached me, asking where he could find swim goggles. I mentioned sporting goods, and before the words were fully out, he gave me a little snort that tilted his head back and caused his eyes to gaze down at me. “Are you sure?” he asked.

I nodded, but he added, “I’ve been all over sporting goods and there was not a single one.”

In my nicest voice, I directed him in the opposite direction, suggesting, “Maybe you should try the seasonal section up front. There should be some there.” And without another word, he lumbered off. I could only giggle to myself and go back to my rollbar.

Pleasant customer of the day (week? I just really wanted to share this one): Kids and their perception of gender roles…

A four year old was accompanying her mother and spotted me sitting on the floor, buried in a mound of leggings. She walked right up to me, almost nose to nose, eyes staring straight into mine, with an innocent smile on her face. I smiled and asked if she was excited to wear the shorts she was carrying.

She nodded, then the smile disappeared as she tilted her head to the side. “Um, are you a boy or a girl?” she asked, bewildered. (For those of you who don’t know, my hair is shaved on the sides, so I’m rocking a half eurohawk/ half mohawk, and I almost never wear makeup to work.)

Her mothers eyes were huge. “I’m SO sorry,” she whispered.

I could only laugh. I assured the mother I wasn’t offended, then looked at the girl. I stated, “I’m a girl, and girls can have short hair too! I used to have long hair to here (gesturing to my mid-torso), but I gave it to someone who didn’t have hair.”

The little girl groaned, “But it was so pretty loooong!”

By that point the mother didn’t want to be embarrassed anymore, so herding the little girl away, I told them to have a nice day. I sat on the floor and probably laughed an additional 30 seconds straight, continuing to giggle throughout the day and tell all my coworkers about it.

Picture time:

This is what happens when a ton of the same clothing is ordered and there’s no place for it on the salesfloor. We get to hang them in the back until -hopefully- enough sell to put more out. But it’ll be a blast when they go on clearance!


2016-06-03 17.26.43

Lots and lots of Faded Glory bike shorts!


Hey, it’s been fun! I’ll see ya’ll again with more stories!



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