National Best Friends Day

Spur of the moment realization: today is National Best Friends Day, so what better way to celebrate than to share a story from my best friend! (aka my husband) He is also a Walmart employee, but at a different store. He works as a cashier and comes home with a plethora of stories! This one struck me as particularly funny, so I had him relay it to me again today so that I could share.

My husband was working at as working at self checkout, watching the monitors, when one of the store greeters approached him. She was an older lady, like your overbearing grandma that keeps offering you cookies, yet is deeply concerned about your health. She looked distraught, fumbling with her words. “You need to let a CSM (Customer Service Manager) or a manager know that a kid walked in here with no socks OR shoes. I tried to stop him – I really did- but he ignored me!”

He calmed her down and stood over the walkie and pressed the button. He stopped. “What am I supposed to say?” he asked the other lady who was manning self checkout with him. She insisted that he just tell them what the greeter told him.

“CSM?” he inquired over the walkie.

“Go ahead.”

“I was just informed by one of the greeters that a kid walked in the store without shoes and socks.”


He waited, but didn’t receive a response. Looking at the other girl, he shrugged, “I hope the store manager isn’t in today-”

“Oh he is,” she interrupted, “I saw him earlier.”

At that point, a CSM drew near, wanting to know the full story. It was then relayed to a handful of managers, but what could they do? There was some kid off galavanting with his friends in some odd corner of the store.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, they spotted the kid, a scrawny, tan skinned fellow with blackened feet, with his group of friends as they meandered into the McDonalds connected to the store. One of the assistant managers stared him down, and the kid shuffled behind his friends’ feet to hide his own shoeless ones.

All my husband could do was watch and laugh, as there was nothing they could do. Eventually, the boy left, leaving a handful of associates with an new experience to share!

Thank you for reading! I’ll have another post up this weekend, so watch for it!


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