Cleaning out the Bins

For everyone who ever thought that the back room of Walmart contained countless numbers of every item on the floor- it doesn’t. Especially at my store right now. The steel racks are practically empty right now since we fit everything we possibly could out on the floor. I failed to get a picture at the end, but here’s one of the numerous carts of clothes I took out:

Oh and in case you were wondering, there’s still a good 8 foot section full of bike shorts, even with 3 racks filled on the sales floor!

Side note: I’m ashamed that I didn’t straighten up this rack before I took the picture… but this is mild in comparison to what I see in my area every day. Do you see the shorts thrown on the floor underneath the rack??

One day all these bike shorts will be gone! I’m counting down the days until they go on clearance as we prepare to put all of our fall clothes out. Although it’s been fun, I’ll admit!

Another post will be up soon about the other mods I’ve done as well!!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, Walmart’s Smiley is back! We get to hand out the stickers just like when I was a kid! 🙂


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