No Boundaries…

Okay, I had to. Because the juniors section in ladies apparel carries the brand “No Boundaries,” or as we say, “NoBo.” This post has nothing to do with that, but more about an experience with a person who made things a little too personal between us.

So. Every day at 3 pm, my store pulls all the associates over to grocery to zone (basically organize the product and pull it forward to the front of the shelf). I don’t know of any other stores that do this, but there are probably others out there!

Anyway, everyone gets an aisle, and it takes at least 20 minutes to do and an hour at most. That being said, at about 2:45, I decided to go to the bathroom so my bladder wouldn’t give out on me in the midst of paying customers.

So I’d been on the toilet maybe 2 seconds when I hear a lady come into the bathroom, talking rather loudly. I assumed she came in with someone because she talked about how she made sure to brings a tampon. 

Okay, lady, cool.

Well she took the stall right next to me, so I got to hear hear keep saying how “it’s okay to talk about that because we’re all women here and we understand.” I tried not to listen, because for goodness sake she said she brought a tampon and I’m trying not to realize that she’s inserting a tampon right as she’s talking. 

I was trying not to listen, as I said, but then I see this chubby, nubby hand with 3 years of dirt and God knows what else packed beneath her fingernails reach under the side of my stall and tap on it to get my attention! 

“WHAT??” I exclaimed.

“You hear me?” She replied.

She then kept talking and I have no idea what she was saying, I was just thinking that I was getting away from this lady ASAP. I’ve never peed so fast.

As I went to wash my hands, I realized she didn’t come in with anyone. She was just narrating her bathroom experience to everyone. And then she called out, “And I just decided to f**king bleed through my pants!”

Oh. My. Goodness. Another associate walked in and I thought, “Please don’t go into the same stall I was just in…”She went into the same stall. And I got out of there before I could find out if she got dragged into the “conversation.” 

I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was zoning in grocery. What an invasion of privacy! Let me pee in peace! Did no one teach you any social skills? 

It was all thoughts like these that were on repeat until some filthy guy with missing teeth called me sir and asked if the bread he was holding was the 88 cent bread. 

Oh Walmart, you’d think I’d stop getting surprised, but then you step up your game!

Anyway, if you have any hilarious stories, I’d like to hear them!

I’ve also cleaned up 2 of these this week. It smells good…

ALSO! Update on the Faded Glory bike shorts! They finally went on clearance and are all on 4 different racks on the sales floor now. Thank. Goodness. 


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