No Boundaries…

Okay, I had to. Because the juniors section in ladies apparel carries the brand “No Boundaries,” or as we say, “NoBo.” This post has nothing to do with that, but more about an experience with a person who made things a little too personal between us.

So. Every day at 3 pm, my store pulls all the associates over to grocery to zone (basically organize the product and pull it forward to the front of the shelf). I don’t know of any other stores that do this, but there are probably others out there!

Anyway, everyone gets an aisle, and it takes at least 20 minutes to do and an hour at most. That being said, at about 2:45, I decided to go to the bathroom so my bladder wouldn’t give out on me in the midst of paying customers.

So I’d been on the toilet maybe 2 seconds when I hear a lady come into the bathroom, talking rather loudly. I assumed she came in with someone because she talked about how she made sure to brings a tampon. 

Okay, lady, cool.

Well she took the stall right next to me, so I got to hear hear keep saying how “it’s okay to talk about that because we’re all women here and we understand.” I tried not to listen, because for goodness sake she said she brought a tampon and I’m trying not to realize that she’s inserting a tampon right as she’s talking. 

I was trying not to listen, as I said, but then I see this chubby, nubby hand with 3 years of dirt and God knows what else packed beneath her fingernails reach under the side of my stall and tap on it to get my attention! 

“WHAT??” I exclaimed.

“You hear me?” She replied.

She then kept talking and I have no idea what she was saying, I was just thinking that I was getting away from this lady ASAP. I’ve never peed so fast.

As I went to wash my hands, I realized she didn’t come in with anyone. She was just narrating her bathroom experience to everyone. And then she called out, “And I just decided to f**king bleed through my pants!”

Oh. My. Goodness. Another associate walked in and I thought, “Please don’t go into the same stall I was just in…”She went into the same stall. And I got out of there before I could find out if she got dragged into the “conversation.” 

I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was zoning in grocery. What an invasion of privacy! Let me pee in peace! Did no one teach you any social skills? 

It was all thoughts like these that were on repeat until some filthy guy with missing teeth called me sir and asked if the bread he was holding was the 88 cent bread. 

Oh Walmart, you’d think I’d stop getting surprised, but then you step up your game!

Anyway, if you have any hilarious stories, I’d like to hear them!

I’ve also cleaned up 2 of these this week. It smells good…

ALSO! Update on the Faded Glory bike shorts! They finally went on clearance and are all on 4 different racks on the sales floor now. Thank. Goodness. 


Cleaning out the Bins

For everyone who ever thought that the back room of Walmart contained countless numbers of every item on the floor- it doesn’t. Especially at my store right now. The steel racks are practically empty right now since we fit everything we possibly could out on the floor. I failed to get a picture at the end, but here’s one of the numerous carts of clothes I took out:

Oh and in case you were wondering, there’s still a good 8 foot section full of bike shorts, even with 3 racks filled on the sales floor!

Side note: I’m ashamed that I didn’t straighten up this rack before I took the picture… but this is mild in comparison to what I see in my area every day. Do you see the shorts thrown on the floor underneath the rack??

One day all these bike shorts will be gone! I’m counting down the days until they go on clearance as we prepare to put all of our fall clothes out. Although it’s been fun, I’ll admit!

Another post will be up soon about the other mods I’ve done as well!!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, Walmart’s Smiley is back! We get to hand out the stickers just like when I was a kid! 🙂

Setting Modulars

My department manager recently came back from her maternity leave and has had a lot of catching up to do in the midst of adjusting to working again. She always takes everything upon herself, so I offered to set a mod for her and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile so big! She had me set two more after that, which was fine by me! It was a nice change from just stocking the racks.
For those who don’t know, it’s basically that some of our older merchandise went on clearance to make room for more clothes and the pegs on the wall had to be moved and relabeled. I snapped some pictures of the process and paperwork!


Setting the graphic tee wall





Child of Mine socks/shoes and Gerber onsies



Finished! (Still waiting for more onsies to come in)

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing merchandise go onto the sales floor and boxes disappear from the back room! The back was soooo messy; be glad I didn’t get a picture of that!


Work is rough on my hands. I’ve learned that I’m not allowed to paint my nails because it will chip within the first two minutes of my shift. I don’t even know what does it. I’m constantly lifting boxes, pulling carts and rollbars, hanging clothes from different fingers, and many other things. It could be a combination of all the things I am required to do.

I also find little cuts and scrapes across the tops of my hands and fingers. Sometimes they’re not so little either. Sometimes it hurts and stings if any pressure is applied to it. And in my job, that’s unacceptable. So I raid the first aid kit at the fitting room to put some ointment and a band-aid on it.

There as also a good number of cuts on my wrists at all times. I never grab just a few hangers with clothes to go put them away. I load them up across my hand and down my wrist so that I can carry the maximum amount of clothes and therefore take less trips back to grab more. (What can I say? My own husband thinks it’s hilarious to watch me try to bring all of our groceries inside in one trip. I refuse to go back outside to get three more bags! I’ll cut off the circulation in my arm for sixty seconds if it means I don’t have to go back out to the car to grab the remaining items.)

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not complaining about the callouses on the palms of my hands and the scrapes on top. I wear it as a reminder that I work hard. I want to succeed and will do whatever it takes to do so, even if it means some personal discomfort on my end. And I would much rather wear my callouses on the outside, on my hands, than on the inside.

One of my coworkers is at that point. She’s in her later 70s and looks like the sweet grandma type, but when I first started working, I even heard customers complain and how rude she was. I quickly learned how abrasive she was, and she intimidated me for the longest time! She wasn’t afraid to point out my flaws and make me feel stupid for them. She doesn’t take any lip from anyone, and she works SO hard. She does so much. I didn’t understand why she was so grumpy all the time.

The longer I’ve worked at this store, the more I’ve learned about this sweet lady. And she really is sweet. She just doesn’t show everyone that side of her. I told her one day how much I enjoyed working with her because of her dedicated work ethic, and she gave me this little old lady smile that I’d never before witnessed. She brings me goodies to snack on throughout the day, and when she talks to me about her husband- my goodness! She just lights up.

Once, I covered her lunch break and finished the task she was working on beforehand. When she came back, she gasped, and before I could realized what had happened, she had her arms around me, squeezing me tight. I slowly touched her back, her curved, slouched, elderly back that had carried so many burdens, and could only laugh as she exclaimed, “Thank you, sweetie!”

I think she really is the sweet old lady I originally saw her as. It was the constant harassment of customers and thoughtlessness of other employees that caused her to harden her softer layers to become impenetrable to the outside world.

Except when someone took the time to be nice and care about her.


People prank call Walmart, believe it or not.


How the table looked when I arrived vs. How it looked after I fixed it

This time around, we’re going to do a special “fitting room phone calls” edition! Most calls to the store are harmless and are transferred quickly and harmlessly, but sometimes it can be downright aggravating and/or hilarious. When I first started working on the sales floor and learning at an alarmingly fast pace, I thought the other associates were trying to scare me with their talk of prank calls. I mean, I remember as an awkward preteen gathering with my friends and prank calling. Honestly, I couldn’t do it without laughing; I’m a terrible liar! I became the observer that watched the experts make the calls.

But never in my life would I dream of prank calling a business! Maybe picking random numbers out of the phone book lost it’s appeal in the years after I outgrew that phase.

So here are a few of the prank calls I’ve experienced while taking calls at the fitting room! WARNING: The content in the calls oftentimes refer to the male anatomy, so read only if you are comfortable!

Call #1:

This call was actually the second time the boy had called. Just before this, he had asked if we sold turtles. I was still fairly new at this point and didn’t know how to handle it, so I just hung up on him. And because he called back, I have this story for you!

Little boy: (giggling) Um… do you sell rocks?

I hesitated for a second for two reasons: I was trying not to laugh at them because they must have thought their question was impeccably original and clever, and I was devising a response to catch them off guard.

Me: Yes, actually, we’ve got some decorative rocks over in crafts. Let me transfer you right over there.

They hung up mid-transfer.

Call #2:

Teen: Is there a male nearby that I can talk to?

Me: Well, I’m at the fitting room, and our male associate in men’s is helping a customer right now, but I can help you.

Teen: Well this is really awkward. You see, I’m in the men’s restroom right now… and… um…well my penis got caught in my zipper.

I couldn’t help it; I audibly laughed. Hard. I’d never heard that one before!

Teen: You think this is funny??

Me: Yes, I do. -click-

Call #3:

I immediately knew this one was a prank call by the giggling that lasted all throughout my “Thank you for calling Walmart. How may I direct your call?” He hesitated as if thrown off guard that I would interrupt his laughter.

Little boy (maybe twelve years old): Um… my left testicle is rolling down aisle six and I need help.

It was extremely hard not to laugh.

Me: …Well, you sound young enough, so you should be able to catch it. -click-


You get to see Walmart in a very raw and real way when you interact with the customers. Sometimes it’s utterly knee-slapping fun, and others are… less than enjoyable.

But thank you for joining me as a person of Walmart!

National Best Friends Day

Spur of the moment realization: today is National Best Friends Day, so what better way to celebrate than to share a story from my best friend! (aka my husband) He is also a Walmart employee, but at a different store. He works as a cashier and comes home with a plethora of stories! This one struck me as particularly funny, so I had him relay it to me again today so that I could share.

My husband was working at as working at self checkout, watching the monitors, when one of the store greeters approached him. She was an older lady, like your overbearing grandma that keeps offering you cookies, yet is deeply concerned about your health. She looked distraught, fumbling with her words. “You need to let a CSM (Customer Service Manager) or a manager know that a kid walked in here with no socks OR shoes. I tried to stop him – I really did- but he ignored me!”

He calmed her down and stood over the walkie and pressed the button. He stopped. “What am I supposed to say?” he asked the other lady who was manning self checkout with him. She insisted that he just tell them what the greeter told him.

“CSM?” he inquired over the walkie.

“Go ahead.”

“I was just informed by one of the greeters that a kid walked in the store without shoes and socks.”


He waited, but didn’t receive a response. Looking at the other girl, he shrugged, “I hope the store manager isn’t in today-”

“Oh he is,” she interrupted, “I saw him earlier.”

At that point, a CSM drew near, wanting to know the full story. It was then relayed to a handful of managers, but what could they do? There was some kid off galavanting with his friends in some odd corner of the store.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, they spotted the kid, a scrawny, tan skinned fellow with blackened feet, with his group of friends as they meandered into the McDonalds connected to the store. One of the assistant managers stared him down, and the kid shuffled behind his friends’ feet to hide his own shoeless ones.

All my husband could do was watch and laugh, as there was nothing they could do. Eventually, the boy left, leaving a handful of associates with an new experience to share!

Thank you for reading! I’ll have another post up this weekend, so watch for it!

Lots and lots of Faded Glory bike shorts

As this is my first post, I’d like to welcome you to my site. I hope you can find some entertaining stories here as I discuss the roller coaster ride that comes with being a Walmart employee!

I don’t think I need any further explanation, so let’s jump right in!

Today… was a sluggish day. I think it started because I woke up thinking I got off work an hour earlier than I thought. So it was a bit of a damper. Honestly though, the one factor in working in apparel that drives me absolutely insane is how messy my departments (girls and infants) are when I come in at 8 am. We have associates that, from 5 pm to 11 pm, organize the merchandise as their main duty. Obviously, they haven’t done the best job in recent weeks. The swimsuits are mixed, tshirts are hanging off the shelves, and some clothes litter the floor. I can’t complain though, we just had one lady transfer to a neighboring store, and another was diagnosed with cancer. We’re short-handed and it shows.

Anyway, I spent the day working on hangware, driving them around on a rolling rack (we call them rollbars, and I will refer to them as such from now on), and putting them where the corresponding garments are, or moving things around to make room for new clothing.

Rude customer of the day: He just wanted to take his kids swimming.

A man approached me, asking where he could find swim goggles. I mentioned sporting goods, and before the words were fully out, he gave me a little snort that tilted his head back and caused his eyes to gaze down at me. “Are you sure?” he asked.

I nodded, but he added, “I’ve been all over sporting goods and there was not a single one.”

In my nicest voice, I directed him in the opposite direction, suggesting, “Maybe you should try the seasonal section up front. There should be some there.” And without another word, he lumbered off. I could only giggle to myself and go back to my rollbar.

Pleasant customer of the day (week? I just really wanted to share this one): Kids and their perception of gender roles…

A four year old was accompanying her mother and spotted me sitting on the floor, buried in a mound of leggings. She walked right up to me, almost nose to nose, eyes staring straight into mine, with an innocent smile on her face. I smiled and asked if she was excited to wear the shorts she was carrying.

She nodded, then the smile disappeared as she tilted her head to the side. “Um, are you a boy or a girl?” she asked, bewildered. (For those of you who don’t know, my hair is shaved on the sides, so I’m rocking a half eurohawk/ half mohawk, and I almost never wear makeup to work.)

Her mothers eyes were huge. “I’m SO sorry,” she whispered.

I could only laugh. I assured the mother I wasn’t offended, then looked at the girl. I stated, “I’m a girl, and girls can have short hair too! I used to have long hair to here (gesturing to my mid-torso), but I gave it to someone who didn’t have hair.”

The little girl groaned, “But it was so pretty loooong!”

By that point the mother didn’t want to be embarrassed anymore, so herding the little girl away, I told them to have a nice day. I sat on the floor and probably laughed an additional 30 seconds straight, continuing to giggle throughout the day and tell all my coworkers about it.

Picture time:

This is what happens when a ton of the same clothing is ordered and there’s no place for it on the salesfloor. We get to hang them in the back until -hopefully- enough sell to put more out. But it’ll be a blast when they go on clearance!


2016-06-03 17.26.43

Lots and lots of Faded Glory bike shorts!


Hey, it’s been fun! I’ll see ya’ll again with more stories!